Honey Bees – Can Save The World? Know More About Bees!

Honey Bees - Can Save The World?
FILE PHOTO: a bee that collect honey

Honey Bees – Do you know they have a great contribution to the ecosystem? Are you afraid of a hive bee? Why we should protect Bees? Honey Bee cares for us and helps us to live well.

Honey Bees

Bees are from insect families. But they are not like some other pests like mosquitos or flies. They are quite helpful for us and our ecosystem. Basically there are 7-12 species of honey bees worldwide. The Western Honey bee is the most common and well known in them. They are also known as European Honey bees. In the USA there live 6 kinds of Honey bees.

Honey Bees - Can Save The World? Know More About Bees!
FILE PHOTO: Honey Bees

Do you know Honey bees are also industrious insect-like ants? They stay in a colony, collect their foods together and built their houses together. There is another interesting thing in their life and that is their winter life. When It is winter and cold climate Honey bees stop flying. When the temperature is low or below 10°C, They get together and create a crowd in the central area of their hive to keep themselves warm. They’re also a queen always stays in the hive. Basically Honey bees have 3 castes. They are Drones(male), Workers(female) and Queen(female).

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Honey – What is Honey?

Honey is a complex substance. Bees collect flower nectar and turn into honey. Then they store it inside their honeycombs. They store it for the newly hatched bees and for themselves for the winter. Raw honey is a portion of excellent nutritional food. Also, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins are included in it. This is also useful to heal wounds on the skin. It kills bacteria and prevents infections. It is also a source of quick energy and sugar.

There are also wax and propolis which come from hive bees as a byproduct.

Useful Byproducts (Wax, Propolis)

Byproducts from bees like wax and propolis are very useful.
Beeswax is useful to make candles, waxing wood furniture, polishing concrete countertops. Also used to preserving bronze and copper, and waterproofing leather.
Propolis, substance bees make from tree sap, is often made into furniture wax and car wax. It is like resin.
Beeswax, raw honey, propolis, and pollen can also be sold as natural health alternatives and supplements in fighting infections. Read more about how to fasting for weight loss.

Honey Bees are in Danger!

Bees are helpful to us. It provides honey and other useful byproducts. And the main thing is, it helps in pollination. Bees help to pollinate flowers, vegetables, and fruits in the garden. They transport pollen from plant to plant while they collect nectar to bring to their hives. The pollen transfer helps plants to reproduce and produce fruit and seeds. Do you know more than 60% of the food on your plate came because of hive bees? But nowadays, Humans are eradicating bees as pests. But they are not like other insects. They are needed in our ecosystem. There only a single disadvantage is their painful stings. But they don’t sting just like that. Fortunately, they only sting when they feel threatened, such as when protecting their hive from other creatures or when accidentally stepped on or squished. So we should not eradicate bees. We should protect them.


Nowadays, byproducts from honey bees are using in many ways. So, Farmers are farming bees for honey. And it is also good for agriculture and the ecosystem. But not all the species are friendly for farming. There is a lot to study before you work with it.

Things you needed for farming

  1. We have to choose the right spice according to the place, environment, temperature, etc.
  2. Then we need different types of gadgets.
  3. We should take care of it regularly.

Note: There are more you need to know about bee farming. As a benefit, you can are a lot for cultivated honey.

So, we should save “honey bees” to protect our Environment. Also, we should make a good habit of Honey and should avoid sugar. Too much sugar is harmful to our health.


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